Add custom links to build page

I just finished publishing my coverage reports and artifacts. Now I was wondering if there is an easy way to link those to the build page in drone and/or to github commit page.

If this option does not exist, I would love to know how the pros are linking to their coverage reports and build artifacts.

Thank you :grinning:

you can upload your coverage report to sonarqube. sonarqube is an open source code quality platform which support coverage show. btw, there has badge plugin can take a beautiful badge with your coverage percent.

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Thank you, I will give sonarqube a try :slight_smile:

I’m too interested in this. Wouldn’t it be great if a pipeline step can send links to drone server for displaying in the build page? That way, you can click on the link to view artifacts specific to that build such as code coverage report.

ansi_up, the javascript library used by drone ui to convert terminal output to html actually supports creating hyperlink. See
While this works when running docker in interactive mode, doesn’t appear to work in non-interactive mode.

I ended up doing this. Artifacts copied into a Docker volume at the end of drone build, which is then served via nginx file browser ( with access restricted via Gitea oauth with the help of vouch proxy ( Link to the artifacts is printed in drone build as text - unfortunately not clickable due to ansi_up console link not working in non-interactive mode.