Add a cronjob with specific time AND specific branch

We have a site that needs to update twice a day, at very specific times. We’re very happy with the Drone GUI and the setup of the cron jobs there is great, except I’m unable to specify a time for the cron job. The dropdown contains @hourly, @daily etc, but the daily option seems to be set at “0 0 0 * * *” so it runs every day at midnight.

I have the CLI set up as well, and through there I can specify the time perfectly (“0 5 10,16 * * *”), but there it doesn’t seem possible to specify a branch!

How can I do both? So, set a specific time to run the job, but also specify the branch?

Here is the help from the CLI:

drone cron add -h                                                                                   ─╯
   drone cron add - adds a cronjob

   drone cron add [command options] [repo/name] [cronjob] [cronexpr]

   --branch value  branch name (default: "master")

See the --branch down there ?

Allright! Completely read over that somehow… thanks for pointing it out.