"Account is not active" for unknown reasons

I use Drone CI to build android custom kernels that take max 12 mins per build, usually 6 mins or so. I have been using Drone for about 4 months now. I don’t build roms on it as I’m fully aware of the rules.
Just a few moments ago, everything was running good as always until I saw that I can’t trigger build to compile kernel anymore, shows error “Unable to start a new build: Forbidden”.
So, I logged out and tried logging in again and then home page shows “Account is not active”.
So, does this mean that my account is banned? If so, may I get to know the reason why I have gotten banned? Thanks.

@bradrydzewski would appreciate a lot if you could answer. cz I have maintained the rules, didn’t break them and still got banned. If it’s possible to check the build logs, you can check them.