Access to Workflow execution logs using API

I’m trying to get workflow logs using Harness API but didn’t find any mentions regarding this in docs as well as in Harness API Explorer. Is it possible to achieve? Would be really grateful for answers


There is an Execution portion of the Harness API, but it won’t give you all of the output that you would see in the deployment context.

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Hi again! I’ve got one more question about logs. Just wondering where Harness stores workflow logs and how long? I didn’t find any of workflow logs inside delegate pod, so probably it stores somewhere on Harness side? We need to store logs for a quite long time and trying to find a better solution.


Those logs are kept for 6 months, from what the docs state. I believe that is stored on the Harness side. You can export the data from the API and store it in a DB as needed (anyone who needs data for 7 years is already doing this). I’ll check on the ability to export the API Logs and see if that is something on the roadmap