Access to Organization repos

All of the repos that are listed in my account are my personal repos.
I have access to another organization’s repos how do I get those to show up so that I can start working with them?


see Organization repositories not showing up in GitHub

and also see Drone not seeing nor syncing forked repo - #10 by mattzuba

What if it is not an official organization. Just another private repo that I have some rights.

an organization can also be configured to restrict third party application access pending approval of the application by an administrator. This would also prohibit Drone from accessing these repositories until white-listed by the administrator.

also, remember to click the Sync button on the dashboard screen to synchronize your repository list and permissions if you recently gained access to a repository or organization. Drone automatically syncs every 72 hours, but if you recently gained access you may need to manually sync.

So I got the owner to create an organization and I have the correct approval for a Third party application.
This is what the settings display now:

Access public repositories
Read org and team membership, read org projects
Access user email addresses (read-only)
and the organization have a checkbox next to it.

How does the organization have to added additional Permissions to Access Private repositories?

I’m also interested in the answer to this question because I have private repos where I’m the admin and they don’t show up after sync. is a free service for public, open source repositories only, and cannot be used with private repositories. If you would like to use Drone with private repositories you would need to download and install Drone on your own server.