Access non dockerized local network ressources

Hello there!

I’m running gitea and drone on a swarm cluster.

I setup the drone docker runner to connect pipelines to an additional swarm overlay network called ci where some resources are available via the DRONE_RUNNER_NETWORKS env var.
It works very well for the pipelines that only requires to access other services in the swarm.

There are some pipelines that requires to access non dockerized resources (such as redis server, postgresql, etc) that are present on the same internal network as the docker swarm nodes.
It seems like I can only access it using network_mode: host on a task.
I don’t want to go this path as multiple concurrent build would clash with each others.

Is there any way to bridge those steps to be able to access both docker swarm services and local ressources using local ip?

Thanks in advance!

Well it actually work now without using network_mode at all. I suppose I was doing something else wrong.
All good!