Access k8s deployment from outside permanently

Hi. I’m reletively new to k8s. I’ve deployed Harness CD CE to a k8s cluster using minikube but I need to make this cluster accessible from external sources permanently. Please could I have some help with this? I can access the pod using the port-forward command but I need this to be a permanent ingress.

Thanks, Josh.

Hi Josh,
Thanks for using Harness CD Community Edition.
This is not a issue with community edition, but related port forwarding in Kubernetes.

Regarding your query, Harness CD CE is a version which you may run on your laptop or any other VM. If you need to create a POC you may try to expose an external IP Address to access the edition in your Cluster. This cluster may be on any cloud platform.
Check this link - Exposing an External IP Address to Access an Application in a Cluster | Kubernetes

In case, you wish to add collaborators for the same, we recommend using the Harness CD free edition on our SAAS platform -