Ability to update user authorization token

Is there any way to update/refresh the authorization token generated by drone for use in CLI or APIs?

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No need to refresh. Drone provides user tokens for use with the CLI and API. See http://docs.drone.io/cli-authentication/

I want to force refresh the token because it might have been compromised

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You can invoke the following endpoint to reset your user token

DELETE /api/user/token

Example curl command:

curl -X DELETE -H "Authorization: Bearer eybfaGaiOiaIUzI2DiIsI...." \

It does not work, the token remains the same.

drone version: 1.1.0
environment: k8s

the previous answer applied to drone 0.8 and below. the endpoint changed in 1.0 to the following:

curl -X POST -i https://drone.company.com/api/user/token?rotate=true

It works :+1: