Ability to restart failed jobs due to permissions

Currently you can’t restart a job that has already failed which make sense but errors due to permissions like privileged: true in a step are fixed by marking the repo as trusted in the UI but you still need a commit to trigger a new build. Is there a way to force a restart for this particular case?

Currently you can’t restart a job that has already failed

hmm, this is not true. You can definitely restart a failed build (I do it often). You can inspect the restart endpoint here to see the exact logic: https://github.com/drone/drone/blob/master/server/build.go#L473:L683

EDIT: ok I understand, you want to restart an errored build (not a failed build). No this is not currently possible in the drone user interface. You can, however, re-trigger the hook in github which will re-run the build, without having to create a new commit.

Thanks yes, usually regular users don’t have access to webhooks but that works.

Looking at the code for 0.9, which has undergone significant refactoring in order to support multi-machine pipelines, these restrictions appear to no longer exist. So it is likely when 0.9 is released this will be a non-issue. Cheers!