2 different nodes of a application with different login credentials failing but working for same credentials

Hello Team,

Although we have option to configure 2 AWS EC2 credentials for one Application under Environments > 2 Service Infrastructure added one for each EC2 instance.

SSH keys for EC2’s are different which I defined under Continuous Security > Secrets Management > Execution Credentials > SSH

Now selected 2 Nodes under Services.

Result in one EC2 deployment succeed and in another Deployment failed with authentication issue.

However working on selecting single Node in Services and on loading its respective credentials by loading single Service Infrastructure under Environments

Note: But working after I created and used same username & password for both servers and keeping single Service Infrastructure under Environments for 2 Nodes under Services.

Please fix the issue as we have option to define hostname of nodes under Service Infrastructure* under Environments

Hi Sudhir

I am a Harness engineer based in APAC .
Please send me a mail at greg.kroon@harness.io so that we can arrange a time to investigate this issue.

Kind Regards


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