1.0.0-rc.4 release notes

I published 1.0.0-rc.4 over the weekend. This release candidate includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, including a number of improvements and tweaks to the user interface. There are no breaking changes (database or yaml or otherwise if you want to upgrade from rc.3 to rc.4).

Server and Runner

  • fixed bug preventing private gcr images from downloading
  • fixed set in config.json failed: no such file or directory error. See issue #36.
  • use head_commit sha for github tags. See issue #8.
  • added skip_verify option to clone block in yaml configuration
  • fixed regression with global volumes. See issue #2561.
  • fixed invalid secret name error when trying to create secret named .dockerconfigjson
  • secrets automatically converted from 0.8 yaml to 1.0 yaml
  • initial support for bitbucket-pipeline.yml files
  • removed user and repository limits in Enterprise Trial
  • fixed critical issue where a build status would get stuck even though all pipelines were complete. This only impacted multi-pipeline builds.
  • fixed regression with gogs and gitea status checks not working

User Interface

  • added approval prompt when a build is blocked due to invalid or missing signature
  • only first digit of pull request displayed in UI. See issue #243.
  • added page titles. See issue #239.
  • fix for backslash hot key problem when filling out form data. See issue #240.
  • differentiate cancelled builds from failed builds. See issue #236.
  • flicker when loading build list. See issue #235.
  • status icon reflects running build status. See issue #138.
  • fixed markdown badge url when specifying a custom branch name
  • fixed broken markup badge url when specifying a custom branch name


There are some additional items I would like to finalize before snapshotting a final release, which means we can expect another release candidate end of next week. These are some of the items I plan to address:

  • kubernetes runtime support for global secrets (FIXED)
  • kubernetes runtime support for global registry credentials (FIXED)
  • kubernetes runtime support for global resource limits (FIXED)
  • kubernetes runtime support for arm and arm64. See issue #2573. (FIXED)
  • change how we mount the .netrc file in kubernetes. See issue #31. (FIXED)
  • support for devices (FIXED)
  • support for global docker networks (FIXED)
  • allow custom commit status messages (regression from 0.8) (FIXED)
  • metrics improvement, running & pending builds should not include blocked builds (FIXED)
  • improvements to the agent <> server rpc mechanism

The documentation also needs some love.

Other Notes

I have not made any progress on the migration utility. This probably will not happen in the rc.5 sprint but is still planned prior to 1.0.0-final.