1.0.0 mono-repo builds

Migrating to 1.0.0 has offered us huge advantages in our ops as we use the Kubernetes driver. Amazing… The last piece of the puzzle for us is pulling all of our micro-service repositories into a mono-repo.

As we currently see it the only option is a single root .drone.yml config that defines all the pipelines for each service. This would get unwieldy very quickly. Is there anything in the pipeline to support mono-repos natively in Drone?

Drone has support for configuration plugins, which can be used to extend the yaml capabilities. Here are some example plugins:

  1. Drone Ignore plugin (skip builds based on files changed) So I made a Configuration Plugin (Drone Ignore)
  2. Drone Jsonnet plugin (support for Jsonnet configuration files). https://github.com/drone/drone-jsonnet-config
  3. Drone plugin to limit builds and steps based on files changes. https://github.com/microadam/drone-config-changeset-conditional

For a bit more context I recommend reading this thread, starting with my comment -> https://github.com/drone/drone/issues/1021#issuecomment-417819643

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You can also checkout Drone 1.0 mono-repoistory