[0.8] Drone build was triggered, but from wrong branch

We are facing an strange case today, and only one case.

Two commits was pushed 18 hours ago ((on branch NPS-247) and 50 minutes ago (on branch NPS-241). But the commit triggered 50 minutes ago in Drone is built from NPS-247, which should be from NPS-241

I paste the screenshot, in bitbucket, the commit from NPS-241 is pushed 50 minutes ago. But the build job in Drone was from branch NPS-247 at that time.

On bitbucket cloud

One Drone


I got the issue again, looks it related with the drone server is not stable currently in our environment.

When drone server (the container) is killed and start again, I got some weird jobs running automatically. The commit in that job is not the latest one and not triggered by anyone.

Do you have any experience for this issue?