[0.8.1] no sign option in cli

How to work with secrets in drone 0.8.1?
I’ve drone server 0.8.1 and drone cli 0.8.1

I’ve added secrets to repository but i can’t sign it, there’s no option in drone cli for signing. What am i missing?

I didn’t get your question.

After you set the secrets for the repository, you can use it in drone pipeline .drone.yml directly.

What’s the meaning of signing and sign option here?

ok, just documentation says that you have to sign secrets (http://readme.drone.io/usage/secret-guide/)… I didn’t know that secrets get injected into pipeline directly

I’m really confused with docs. This one is true (http://docs.drone.io/trigger-slack-notifications/#using-secrets)

Thanks for fast reply :slight_smile:

Yes, that readme website confused me before.

With latest version of drone, get help from https://docs.drone.io